Artist: Morrissey
Date: April 6, 2009
Venue: The State Theater
City: Minneapolis, MN

I saw Morrissey at the State theater here in Minneapolis, or as he called it, Funnyapolis on Monday April 6. He was incredible.
He’s still got it. He looks fantastic and his voice is as gorgeous as ever.

I loved his strange comments. He’s not known for being super chatty, but he talked a little. At one point he gave the microphone to some women in the front row. The first one said, “I…just…love you…unconditionally.” He took the mic from her and said, “That’s not good enough.”

The next one said, “Hows the baby?’ and she must have giggled because he said, “Why do you laugh when you ask about the baby? I take the baby very seriously.”

The last one stammered out something about shaking in his presence and he muttered something about her needing medication.

But my favorite was when in the middle of the show he said, “Are you sorry you came?” and everyone yelled, “Nooooo!” and he responded, “You will be.”

I realize he’d have to play for 3 years straight in order for me to hear all the songs I wanted to hear, but I really wish he’d done some more from the early-middle albums (Your Arsenal, Bona Drag, Kill Uncle). And I also really wanted to hear America Is Not The World, because of that line about “the president, is never black, female or gay.” I hoped he’d comment on that. But what he did play was fantastic. His band is amazing and he really let them shine at times sitting on the floor and gazing up at whomever had a solo.

Like a good little concert goer, I left my camera at home (I didn’t want it taken away from me) so I had to take some really crappy photos with my cell phone. There were at least 4 people around me taking really nice photos with really nice cameras. Boo.

Of course one of the highlights is always the stage divers. This time I thought someone was going to be killed. I was amazed at how the bodyguards/bouncers just slammed into people and threw them off the stage. ONTO other people. I think one guy even got his glasses broken. Ah crazy people, gotta love ’em. Note to self: If Moz ever comes back to town don’t get front row or even 4th row tickets.

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