My Top of 2006

These are listed in no particular order, other than #1 is my absolute favorite of the year. I have never previously picked one album as my favorite, but this year there was one I just want everyone to own. I got it in September and still can’t stop listening to it everyday.

Number 2 is a close second, very close. The rest are in no order at all.

The way I chose them is to look at the whole list of reviews and select out only the ones who made it into my personal rotation. There are others that I reviewed this year that I enjoyed a lot as well. But if I had used only that criteria my list would hold 50 or more instead of 20. I also decided this year, not to distinguish between major label releases and Indies. If I loved it, I loved it. That’s it.

Rivers of Stars by Andrea Perry
The more I listen to this record the more I love it. There are shades of so many other artists that I like. Yet, Andrea Perry is really very original.
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Up & Away by Gregory Douglass
I started listening to it moments after it hit my hands and by the time it was done I had declared it my favorite release of his.
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Full Circle by Halie Loren
I’m going to give her a compliment that I don’t give very often because it means a great deal to me, but vocally she reminds me a lot of…(drum roll) Sarah McLachlan. Yes, I said it.
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Take Back the Night by Wynne Alexander
[after] listening to thousands of new albums since [her first], she’s still one of a kind. I have a special place in my jaded musical heart for her.
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Golden Planes by Gileah
I was enwrapped by the fourth note. This recording starts out very dreamy, far away sounding…almost tinny. With Gileah’s vocals drifting over the notes gently. Heavenly.
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Oasis Motel by Julia Othmer
This is a nice contemporary pop record, with good melodies and fine instrumentation.
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Chaotic Resolve by Plumb
Plumb can rock out with the best of them, but I tend to like this most when she’s just playing the piano and singing her gorgeous ballads.
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Eye to the Telescope by KT Tunstall
This is a great record. Go get it now. Seriously. Go. I’ll wait here.
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Like Blood Like Honey by Holly Brook
This is one that will be in my regular rotation for a while. It’s a little more poppy and slick than most of the stuff I hear usually, but I really enjoy it.
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Country International Records by Sugarplum Fairies
There’s a lot going on in this record. Best heard loud or on headphones…the music is great.
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Under the Covers by Sid and Susie
I’ve been a fan of Matthew Sweet for several years and of course, being a child (ok teenager) of the 80s, grew up with Susanna Hoffs and the Bangles. So this meeting of the musical minds is a very special treat. They call themselves Sid and Susie, I call it heaven.
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EP by Amy Kuney
Amy Kuney has quite a mature voice for her young age. There’s a little Fiona Apple edge with a little Nellie McKay snappiness but there’s also a lot of originality.
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The Blistering Sun by Rachael Sage
I’ve been a fan of Rachael’s for quite some time now and it’s crazy, but it seems she gets better with each record and each show. She’s a star. Fer reals.
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Corinne Bailey Rae by Corinne Bailey Rae
I heard this woman’s voice on her website and was immediately hooked. Since I’ve received the CD I’ve played it almost non-stop. It’s enchanting.
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Stromata by Charlotte Martin
This is a great record for both long time Charlotte fans and the newly joined as well.
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EP by Elite
These songs are well written both in melody and lyric. Very endearing. Especially to an old 80s gal like myself. There’s
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Complicated Mess by Debra Arlyn
I guess the thing that stands out the most about Debra Arlyn is that her voice is perfect. It
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EP by Anna Dagmar
I liked this new record upon first listen, but with each subsequent spin I like it even more. It’s very charming.
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The Dawnseeker by Sleepthief
Eerie, haunting, beautiful…
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Long Night Moon by Catie Curtis
She is everything I love about folk music: intelligent lyrics, lovely and interesting melodies, professional musicianship, and a great soothing, comfortable voice.
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Harpos Ghost by Thea Gilmore
These songs, like all her songs, are very well written, catchy without being too mainstream-y and the lyrics amaze me all the time. She has such a great grasp on the language.
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Honorable mentions:

These are albums that I purchased, therefore, didn’t review, but I loved them all just the same:

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