Nelly McKay has a new record out!!


I didn’t even know about this until this turned up in my mailbox! It’s out September 25th!

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“This supremely gifted, charming and darkly funny New York oddball has all the makings of the first great singer-songwriter of the young century,” hailed the Washington Post, in response to the epic release Get Away From Me, a record that secured performer, songwriter and activist Nellie McKay’s place in history as the first female musician to ever debut with a double album. Nellie returns with Obligatory Villagers, a 9-song odyssey and follow-up to Pretty Little Head, one of the best-reviewed records of 2006.

Track List:
1. Mother of Pearl
2. Oversure
3. Gin Rummy
4. Livin
5. Identity Theft
6. Galleon
7. Politan
8. Testify
9. Zombie

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