Nerina Pallot revisited


Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot

I plan to highlight one artist per week that I have discovered over the years.

Today’s pick is Nerina Pallot. She’s received a little more notice lately because she reworked the song “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and it appeared on a show called Normal People on Netflix.

I first heard of her back in 2004 when someone suggested to her that she send me her album Fires. I was very smitten. I did a spotlight on her in November of that year, I then did a review of the album which came out in 2005 and landed on my Best of 2005 list.

She’s put out a lot more music since then! But my favorite part is that she does a livestream concert from her home every Thursday (2pm central time). She gets all dressed up and takes requests, answers questions and you might get a cameo from her adorable son, Wolf, too.


Listen to Love Will Tear Us Apart and Subscribe to her YouTube Channel so you can watch the livestream this afternoon!

Click the pix below to order the albums on Amazon.

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