New Album by Roseland (Azam Ali of Niyaz)

After almost four years in the making, Roseland, the self-titled recording by singer/composer Azam Ali and progressive film composer Tyler Bates is finally available to fans.

Those already familiar with Azam’s work and the versatility of her incredible voice, will once again be surprised by this, another groundbreaking step in her musical evolution. Roseland features Azam singing entirely in English against a rock/ambient soundscape. Juxtaposing ambient electronic textures with intoxicating vocal melodies and driving hypnotic rhythms, Roseland’s music is the expression of a truly unique artistic collaboration between these two very diverse artists. While their music has been compared to bands like Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Portishead, no likeness conveys the cinematic essence of Azam’s haunting voice, Tyler’s innovative musical sensibilities and the evocative lyrics written by Azam, which reflect the sorrows of war, self-doubt, and the personal experiences and relationships which shape and mold our psyches.

Roseland by Azam Ali and Taylor Bates
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