New Discovery – Holly Brook

Here’s some info I got about this new artist. I’ve heard her and I think she’s really good. I’ll be getting her CD for review soon so check back in a while for the review.

The sultry vocals and poignant lyricism of Holly Brook has finally begun its emergence onto the music scene. For years now, this 20 year old singer-songwriter from Wisconsin has been documenting her life’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs into lyrics that are at once strikingly personal, yet universally appealing.

One of her songs, “What I Wouldn’t Give,” made its television
on the WB show “Related” on Monday, February 6, 2006.

Holly’s Myspace

Holly Brook Official

I’m able to show you some videos and stuff too!

Holly Brook “Giving It Up for You” Audio:

“Giving It Up for You” 56k

“Giving It Up for You” 128k

Holly Brook “Curious” Video:

“Curious” 56k

“Curious” 100k

“Curious” 300k

“Curious” 450k

Side note: I MUST mention how very cool I think it is that she offers a Flash OR HTML version of her website. Big stars for her 🙂

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