New Discovery: Karen Elson

Photo by Kate Elson

I had some downloads to use up on Emusic so I was browsing the recommended artists and came across Karen Elson.

I loved it immediately and downloaded it right away. I’ve been lsitening to it for a couple of days now and really like it.

I was looking her up to find out more about her, and found some interesting tidbits.

She’s also a fashion model famous for her shaved off eyebrows.
She married Jack White (White Stripes) in 2005 and they have 2 kids!

Some links:

[Karen Elson on Emusic]
[Buy at Amazon]

[Supermodels] (outdated, says she’s expecting child #1)
[Karen Elson Official] (you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to enter the actual site–DOH!)
[Karen Elson MySpace]

Check her out!!

Karen Elson performing “Cruel Summer” (Live Acoustic) from Karen Elson on Vimeo.

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