New Discovery: Laura Marling


I just heard about this artist. I watched her video for New Romantic and I loved it. I think you will too!

Here’s what The Raft says:
“Laura Marling is a young small town girl from Eversley, just outside of Reading.

She began playing the guitar at the age of three, first being taught the blues by her father in front of the family fire, and has been in thrall to the songs and lyrics of the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell ever since.

It’s not just the ‘golden-oldies’ that Laura admires; contemporary artists such as Vetiver, Bonnie Prince Billy, Regina Spektor and Diane Cluck rank highly in her current listening favourites.”

[Watch It]

[Laura Marling’s Site]
[Laura Marling on MySpace]

I found this on YouTube: There are more too!

…and get this, rumor has it, she’s only 17! Wow.

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