New Jonatha Brooke record!

Jonatha Brooke’s new record, Careful What You Wish For arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to hear the whole thing, but so far it’s really good. It hasn’t grabbed me like Back in the Circus did upon first listen. But I’ve heard the first track twice now and am hooked. So I’m sure it’s like every other Jbro record and I’ll be in love with it by the third listen.

Here’s where you can buy/listen

[Buy at Amazon]

[Jonatha’s Site]

I ordered mine from her site directly so my copy is signed with lovely gold ink:)

Track List:
1. Careful What You Wish For
2. Beautiful Girl
3. Keep the River on Your Right
4. I’ll Leave the Light On
5. Baby Wait
6. Hearsay
7. Forgiven
8. Je N’Peux Pas Te Plaire
9. Prodigal Daughter
10. After the Tears
11. Never Too Late For Love

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