New Needle and a giveaway

Awhile back I reviewed an album from a band called Needle [here]

They have a new seven song EP entitled Saint Timothy’s out January 10th.

From the Press Release:

In a small isolated California high desert town, with the keys to a lovely church next door, free to go in whenever, Saint Timothy’s emerged. Written from a very solitary place like a private journal, these songs are as sparse as a simple prayer. Concepts of grief, searching and starting over, then longing for redemption are told with an old pipe organ and piano.

Saint Timothy’s was mastered by Kramer of Low and Galaxie 500 fame and will be officially released on January 10th, 2012.

The band has been kind enough to let me pass on this link to their previous record for free! [Songs Your Mother Never Sang You]. I really liked it, I think you will too.

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