New Paula Cole!

Well I don’tknow how this escaped my radar, but I just learned today that Paula Cole has a new album out!
It’s called Ithaca and was released TODAY on 2010 Decca Label Group.

If you download on Amazon (below) you get a digital booklet and an Amazon exclusive track. (plus it’s only 8 bucks!)
[Download at Amazon]

I know for awhile there, she got into some weird world-y stuff that wasn’t appealing to those who loved her early stuff, but I’ve heard some samples and it sound like she’s back to the less odd, more singer-songwriter stuff. Check it out.

1. The Hard Way
2. Waiting On A Miracle
3. Music In Me
4. Elegy
5. Come On Inside
6. P.R.E.N.U.P.
7. Violet Eyes
8. Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Say
9. Sex [Explicit]
10. 2 Lifetimes
11. Second Chance (Amazon MP3 Exclusive)


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