New Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko has some new music out!! I’ve reviewed her before and have always enjoyed her records.

The new album As Day Follows Night It’s not out in the US yet, but some lucky ones were able to pre-order this lovely version [here]. Even if it’s too late to order, go there and listen to samples, including some rare tracks not on the regular release.Track list:
1. Down On Love
2. All I Want
3. Bird On A Wire
4. Hold On My Heart
5. We Won’t Run
6. Is My Baby Yours?
7. Sleeper Awake
8. No Turning Back
9. Lost & Defeated
10. Over & Over
11. I Never Knew
12. Night & Day

Here are some videos from [Shoot the Player]

Sarah Blasko: We Won’t Run (for Shoot The Player) from on Vimeo.

Sarah Blasko: Hold on My Heart from on Vimeo.

Sarah Blasko: Woman by the Well (for Shoot The Player) from on Vimeo.

[Sarah’s Blog]
[My Space]

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