New Terami – Wheee!

Terami by Erin Russell

I got this info yesterday but I wanted to make sure it was OK to post it on the blog. I wasn’t sure it was public knowledge yet, but I go the OK so here you go! Very exciting!!!

“As quietly as possible, I’ve spent the last two years writing and recording my fourth album, A Broke Machine. Just a few days ago, the final CDs were shipped to me, and now I have them in my hands. A Broke Machine will be released through online retailers on April 15…just about 5 weeks from now.

01. Back to the Start
02. Help Me
03. Fable Moon
04. Chains of Andromeda
05. A Broke Machine
06. What I Didn’t See
07. Diagram of Love
08. The Collector
09. Battle for Infinite Time
10. Better Times
11. Wasteland
12. A Hundred Flowers
13. I Am Going to Sleep

More information will be announced soon, so please check in on my website or myspace page for updates. In the meantime, you can read more about the making of A Broke Machine on [my blog]

Thank you for listening,

Terami ”
[Terami Hirsch Official]

Amy’s Note: That photo is not the album cover, but it’s from her hottie new photo session with Erin Russell. Take a look at her blog post, it’s quite interesting.

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