New Thea Gilmore

Yay! I new Thea Gilmore album is due out soon!
It’s called Murphy’s Heart and you can get it online beginning September 7, 2010. (in the US, it’s out sooner in the UK)
[Amazon Download]
[Amazon physical] ouch, it’s steep!

Here’s a video of the first single, You’re the Radio which is getting a lot of airplay and compliments on British radio.

1. This Town
2. God’s Got Nothing On You
3. Due South
4. Jazz Hands
5. Love’s The Greatest Instrument
6. Automatic Blue
7. Coffee and Roses
8. You’re The Radio
9. Not Alone
10. Not Alone
11. Now The Love Gets In
12. Mexico
13. Wondrous Thing
14. My Voice (bonus track)

[Thea Gilmore Official]

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