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A few months ago I write about a band called, VOVETE. [see here]. Ok it wasn’t a “few months ago” it was a couple of years…my how time flies.

Anyway, their record is finished and you can get it now. If you visit their website, [] you can stream it there.

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Here’s their press:

Rui Guerreiro and Danny Da Silva are Vovete, an experimental indie pop band from the New York area. We present Providence as our debut album – an expression of our love for folk, world, pop, classical, psychedelic and electronic music through songs that remind us of hymns, myths, lullabies and folk dances.

Providence takes you through an intimate world of shades, shadows, droughts and storms. Pianos and guitars join drums, horns and strings, in patterns, points, and counterpoints. “Va La” poses a sensual melody about barren landscapes, while the quiet supplications of “Stay Awhile” build to a crescendo of hopeful voices. “House of Dreams” has brooding palm trees swaying to a melancholic guitar. “A Prayer for Good Voyage” builds from a lone voice into a choir of souls petitioning for remembrance while the album’s title track transforms a simple piano motif through patterns of dissonance and echoes.

With the help of wizard of sound John Kilgore, who has worked with Steve Reich, Antony Hegarty, and Lou Reed, among others, we’ve created an album of worldly rhythms and ghostly choirs. New York artist Robert Schatz lends three of his pieces for Providence. His finger-painted canvases transform graceful arabesques, full of movement, into beautiful, frightening, abstract, cartoon and ominous landscapes. The cover of Providence is a photograph by Australian photographer Marion Wilson that captures a rainbow bee-eater poised on a branch with wings spread, while holding a bee in its beak. The metaphors of life and loss are fitting for the album’s incantations and prayers.

It’s really lovely!!

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