Nuke the Soup Video

Hey all,
check out this cool video by Baltimore, MD band, Nuke the Soup. It’s called Filled with Dread and it’s from their album, Make Waves not War.

It was shot in Los Angeles by producer/director George Rausch of Modified Ideas.

Taking cues from the song lyrics of wanting to “live in the past,” the creative music video for “Filled with Dread” piques the emotions of a distraught man (actor Jacob “Kujo” Lyons) who is walking the streets of L.A. while everything else is moving backwards. Rausch creatively incorporates the use of an iPod Touch to serve as a disembodied voice of the protagonist.

If you like what you hear, you can get the whole album (it’s good, I have it)

Or you can buy it at [CDBaby] (at whom I am currently angry, but you can buy there anyway. Maybe they’ll pay me someday.)

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