Pandora knows what I need…apparently.

My Pandora is really goofy. Some days it plays exactly what I like. Other days it decides that I like funk, or hip hop. Yesterday it played CCR and Jimi Hendrix before I logged out and then back in.

Today it has decided I need a little country. It played Sarah Harmer (who I love, but this was a song from her bluegrass album) and then Allison Krauss, Dixie Chicks and now Roseanne Cash. WTF? I guess I don’t understand how it picks music. Usually it’s right on the mark, today and yesterday it’s lost it’s mind. It’s not that I don’t like those artists…mixed in with other stuff, but it seems exclusively country today.

So if any of you are listening to my station and it’s doing that, please know I didn’t tell it to play all that stuff.

Ooh Shawn Colvin just came on, that’s more like it!

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