Performance Rights Act (S. 379)

Please do this for Pandora and all the musicians we know and love:
From Tim the founder of Pandora:

There is a new effort in Congress to fix the broader issue of how musical artists are compensated across all forms of radio. The system as it stands today is fundamentally unfair both to Internet radio services like Pandora, which pay higher royalties than other forms of radio, and to musical artists, who receive no compensation at all when their music is played on AM/FM radio.

A bill has been introduced in congress to remedy this by establishing a level playing field. We, along with the artists whose music we play, strongly support this new legislation called the Performance Rights Act (S. 379). Here’s a link for more information on the bill: [Performance Rights Act (S. 379)]

Please take just a minute to call your senator to ask them to sponsor and support the Performance Rights Act (S.379):

In Minnesota it’s Senator Al Franken (202) 224-5641

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