Podcast Rec :: Fairytales for Unwanted Children

Today’s Podcast Recommendation is Fairytales for Unwanted Children. Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children

The episodes are stories written by the host, Scott Thrower. They are wonderfully dark stories with a lesson, a twist, or just food for thought. He ends each episode with “did you find a moral of the story?” and then invites you to go to his Twitter, or the Facebook page for discussion.

The characters rarely have names, but they are very well written personalities. The stories are magical and beautiful. Scott has a lovely soothing voice that I could listen to all day. I tend to listen to these at night to wind down. Then I have to listen again later because I often fall asleep!

Scott is also really great to his supporters. Shortly after I joined the Facebook group and offered to help him copy edit* his new book, he sent me a handwritten letter and a new story he’d written. (*I’m not a copy editor – I wish I was – but he asked fans to help out).

Scott's letter to Amy

He’s very generous to his listeners and readers, letting us get first listens to his new episodes and freebie copies of his books. He also reaches out to fans for story ideas or prompts.

Come on over and join the Facebook group, it’s filled with lovely people who love the podcast and his books and want to support it, and each other. He will sometimes post a scenario and question for fans to comment on, and it’s always interesting to see responses (and his responses to those).

Please listen and consider subscribing on Patreon to support this wonderful podcaster, or you can buy his books on Amazon too (see below).

Just some of my favorite episodes:
28: Ship (the wind falls in love with a ship)
38: The Dragon and the Staircase (an elderly couple take care of a dragon)
42: Pockets (pockets refill themselves)
51: The Woman at the Bar (a stranger leaves a magic coin)
56: Feathers (a man turns into a bird)
The Woodcut series (4 parts 60-63) – this one was also a book. The book is excellent!
67: Dead Man’s Clothes (tattered clothing makes a man rich)
74: Tiny (a tiny village and a large woman)
The Sleep Series (6 parts, 100-105)


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