Podcast Rec :: Spooked

Spooked Podcast

Today’s podcast recommendation is “Snapped Judgement Presents Spooked“.

Glynn Washington and his amazing voice that is both calming and spooky is your host for “Spooked“.
If you’re looking for something truly spooky, like I mean really…this is a good one.
I don’t scare easily and none of these so far have legit scared me, like losing sleep…but this is probably as close as I’ll get. I’ve definitely been creeped out and gotten some chills.
I’d say if you like “Full Body Chills” you’ll like this too, except these are true stories told by people who lived them, so even spookier!

Some of my favorite episodes:
The Watcher
Lost in Time
A Friend in the Forest
The Black Rose
Creepy Crawly
37 Seconds




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