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As you may know, I called this blog Collected Sounds because I listened to so much music that I called it ‘collecting sounds in my ears’ after hearing the Dar Williams song where she says that, or a paraphrase of that. Well some of the other sounds I collect are podcasts. It all started for me when I was slightly obsessed with the documentary, The Jinx. I couldn’t get enough! I read an article that said something to the effect of, ‘if you’re looking for more true crime check out this podcast’ and it pointed me toward Serial. I listened and became not only obsessed with Adnan Syed’s case, but all true crime podcasts.

I dare say that podcasts might be a good part of the reason I stopped listening to music as much as I did. I mean I can multi-task like crazy, but I can’t listen to two things at once.

So while this site is definitely aimed at music, I’m going to be making some podcast recommendations here as well and invite you to join in and add yours or comment with your experience with the one I’m recommending. Maybe you didn’t like it and would like to let us know why. Maybe you also love it, or have a similar recommendation.

So I’m going to start with…My Favorite Murder. After I listened to Serial (twice #nerdalert) I watched The Staircase on Amazon Prime. I am still VERY interested in this case (#teamowl) and try to read, listen to, watch anything I can get my hands on that mentions it.
Well when My Favorite Murder was recommended to me via Podbean (the app I used at the time) I tried it and immediately loved Karen and Georgia. And not just because they referenced The Staircase and the death of Kathleen Peterson in the first episode.

My Favorite MurderI love the way Karen and Georgia play off each other and they’re both hilarious. They cover really interesting stories in an entertaining way. Some argue that they don’t do very goo research and “just read Wikipedia” but I don’t care. If I’m really curious about the case I’ll research it on my own or listen to another podcast about it whose focus isn’t to make me laugh. I am a proud Murderino to this day! Shout out to Karen, Georgia, STEVEN and all the other Murderinos.

There was a time a year or so ago when I felt the episodes were a little stale and forced. I got the impression that there was some discomfort between the ladies and it just wasn’t as fun to listen. I think they lost a lot of fans at that time. But those who stuck with them are richly rewarded. So if you left before, give them another shot.

Another thing I love about the podcast is the community it created. I am currently in a ton of MFM related groups made up of Murderinos (that’s what the fans call themselves) and focused on a HUGE variety of topics like cooking, drinking, pets, fans of streaming services (where we discuss our favorite shows and movies) even Microsoft excel nerds, and people with curly hair. This is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s not hyperbole for me to say that there’s probably a MFM group for everything.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out My Favorite Murder if you are not already a Murderino. While true crime is my favorite genre, I will not always be suggesting true crime podcasts. I am currently subscribed to almost 150 different podcasts so I will have recommendations from many other genres.

Stay Sexy and Listen to cool podcasts.



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