Really too bad…

Today I was browsing a local music venue website. I saw an announcement for an upcoming show. The description sounded like someone I would like. It had a song there that I could listen to. I did so and I liked her very much. So I started looking around the rest of the web to learn what I could about her. I thought if she was on e-music I’d get her album. No dice on e-music. That’s not unheard of, there are a lot of folks not there.
So I tried CDBaby. Nope. Amazon? Everyone’s on Amazon right? Nope.

Ok so then I really felt on a mission. So I Googled her. Guess what comes up? The website for the venue she’ll be playing later in the month. But then I also see a MySpace page, I think we’re finally getting somewhere.

I clicked on the link and what loads is a monstrosity of colors and half loaded photos (yes I let it sit there for along time, never completely loaded, I am on DSL) with no info on an official, real website and no info on how to buy her record.

Do these artists (because she’s not the first) even want any one to find them? I would gladly have done a post, interview, CDreview something, for her. But I am not going to direct people to a nasty uninformative MySpace page. I just won’t. Too bad. I’ll check back on her in a few months. If I remember.

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