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Is anyone watching Rockstar: Supernova? I mean anyone here? I LOVE this show. I love it for the music, the people, the goofy shit…I like it on a serious level and to make fun of. To me, it’s a perfect TV show.

I think Brooke Burke is great. Don’t fight me on this. She’s gorgeous and she’s just fine at reading her lines. She doesn’t need to be anymore than that. Dot.

Since I haven’t been doing recaps I’m not going to start now. Plus there are many other folks who are much better at that than I am.

But I would like to open up a discussion here on who everyone thinks should win…why, etc. Anyone get bumped that you liked?

I liked Jenny Galt. But it was pretty clear to me that she was here only to further her already growing career. Not because she wanted to be in Tommy Lee’s new band. She was completely wrong for them. But still quite good. I will have to see if she’s got a CD for me to review. Here’s her MySpace. Her regular website is still down due to the show.

There wasn’t anyone else that got booted that I thought should have stayed. In fact, honestly, I don’t think that they got very good people this time. There are some that stand out, but for the most part…if this is the best of the world, then we’re screwed. I happen to know this is not the best seeing as I see Indie music come across my desk daily that’s better than them, but whatever.

As for who is left…

I know they love Lukas, AKA The Troll. I don’t see why. He can’t sing (he rasps) and he’s downright weird looking. I don’t mean his god-given looks, I mean his make up and hair. But for some reason I love that wacky stuff on…

Dilana. She’s probably going to win. *IF* they pick a girl. I really like her. At first I was just scared. Now I want to have drinks with her. She’s unique and I can totally see her fronting that band.

I don’t know why Josh is still there. He sings like Kermit the Frog. I can’t stand that kind of voice. He might be fine on his own, but he is NOT the lead singer of a Tommy Lee band. No way.

Don’t even get me started on Zayra. What exactly is she doing there? I mean other than trying to make the band members want to sleep with her? She’s charming in her own unique (and I mean unique) way, but she is not right for the band.

Dana has a great voice and she’s adorable. That’s the thing. She’s cute. She belongs on America Idol. Not Rockstar.

My favorite is Storm Large. She’s hot, she’s got a great voice, she moves well, she picks fun songs (Dramarama? Hello?) and I absolutely LOVE how she rocks out like crazy when others are performing. She seems so supportive. However, I don’t really want her to win. Why? She’s too good for them. I would never go see this band or buy any of their music. I just don’t like that style. But I’d see Storm and her band (The Balls) in a flash.

Her MySpace

OK so that’s my take on it. What do you guys think?

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