Rockstar:Supernova Part 2

I’ve been meaning to write an update on my feelings about Rockstar:Supernova.

I know y’all have been on the edges of your seats waiting to know what *I* think (riiiight, just play along with me). So without futher ado…

My tastes have changed a little after watching more shows and watching the webisodes with the mansionanigans. (that would be the web-episodes they show on VH-1 and the shenanigans that occur at the mansion…for those who are not as obsessed with this show as I am).

I still think that Supernova as a band pretty much sucks. I’ve heard three songs so far and don’t really care for any of them. Though the last one that I heard last night is probably the best, that’s still not saying much. It’s just not my cup o’ tea.
I still love Stormy, but still don’t want her to win because I think she’s too good for them. I’d much rather see her and her band really take off and tour so I can see them live here in Minneapolis.

I am also still in Dilana‘s court even though she messed up big time by dissing Lukas and Toby. All of her “I guess I’m too honest” bullshit is just that. Bullshit. You can be honest and still censor yourself and be the better person. You can say ‘I have opinions and yes there are some who are here for the wrong reasons, but I think it best if I keep my mouth shut’. Much like Lukas did.

But she’s still a great performer and mesmerizing to watch. Even if she did forget half the lyrics to “Psycho Killer” last night. But I think she’d be an asset to the band. Want to see what she was like before? [Here’s her first music video.] Girl still can’t write, bless her heart.

But check her [“Mother, Mother”] it was great or “Awesome!” as Dave would say.

I didn’t like Lukas at all in the beginning but he’s growing on me. No, not like that. He seems sweet. I don’t know what’s up with that sometime accent, but if Madonna can do it, well… He’s got a weird voice, but they’re a weird band. I think that he would give some alternative cred to them. If they want it.

I think Toby might just win the whole thing. But maybe Magni too. He also seems really sweet. Toby seems the most pliable. Meaning they could mold him into whatever crap I mean singer they wanted him to be. But I would also be happy to see him on his own. The only one I think would not make a good solo artist is Lukas, therefore I think he should win.

I didn’t mention Ryan last time because frankly, I didn’t think he’d be around much longer. But as you know, I’m a piano whore so as soon as he did [“Losing My Religion” ]on baby grand I was hooked.

He did better and better each week. With the exception of last night which got him booted. I have to say I knew that it would be him. Here’s why….the rockers who had websites before the appeared on the show, were not allowed to still have active websites while they were on the show. The day after Zayra (I’ll get to her in a moment) got booted her site was up and running.

Well, yesterday I was playing around on the internets and found Ryan’s website. It was up and running, you could click on all the links. I didn’t think much of it, and in fact, went to CDBaby and ordered [his first solo record]

But when we were watching I was telling my other half that I was on Ryan’s website earlier that day and just as it came outta my mouth I realized that would have only been possible if he had been kicked off. They film the shows in the morning.

Now, if any Rockstar producers are reading this, please don’t be mad at Ryan. It’s possible that the website I was on was not his “official” site. So in order to not get him in any trouble, I will leave it at that… But shhhh…it looked official to me.

So I was a little bummed that he was bumped, but only because he seemed to really want it. I hope he was acting because he’s way too good for them. He will have no problem gaining fans and fame on his own. Especially now with the exposure he’s gotten.

Ah Zayra….you know, she also grew on me. I started to feel a little protective of her. I visited her website and watched some videos and I think she’s really pretty good. She has that accent so it’s not immediately easy on the American ear, but she has a real alternative Bjorkie sort of thing going on. I will be getting her CD for review so I’ll let you know what that’s like. Also did you see her on The Soup (possibly my favorite show). If so you know she can laugh at herself and that raises her up a bazillion points in my eyes.

OK now you…

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