Sarah McLachlan at the Orpheum

Last night I was lucky enough to see Sarah McLachlan live on her Sarah and Friends Tour. She was with Melissa McLelland (and her hubby Luke Doucet) and Butterfly Boucher.

It was a really great show because both Melissa and Butterfly’s music is different from Sarah’s so we got to rock out a little more than usual. Also she let her guitar players really go nuts which was fun. I love the subdued, sleepy piano stuff, but it’s really fun to see Sarah rock it too.

The also took questions from the audience in the form of notes pulled form a hat. That was really fun. We learned that the “angel” in the song Angel is heroine and it was written after she read about a musician from Smashing Pumpkins killed him self in a hotel room.

We also learned that we are not the only ones who rush to turn the channel when her ASPCA commercials come on. She can’t watch them either. But they raised something like $30 million for the ASPCA so it’s all good.

Oh and that Luke has been playing with Sarah since he was like 17.

I will probably remember more later and maybe I’ll post them.

Here are some photos I took. Not fantastic, but I didn’t have a press pass or a friend with a good camera this time. I made captions in the photos, rather than writing it here in blog format.

if you want to see it in Picasa, just click on it.

Also check out the [Star Tribune review] with some nice(r) photos.


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