Sarah Slean new music

Great news!!
This from Sarah Slean’s website:
Last November Sarah performed at the first annual Art of Time Ensemble Gala Benefit, a unique fundraising event that was held at Integral House in Toronto, ON.

Before that event, the ensemble got together to record an album of pieces selected from the Songbook series, which they had performed a couple years earlier. The Art of Time Ensemble featuring Sarah Slean, Black Flowers thus includes songs by Leonard Cohen, Sarah Harmer, Mary Margaret O’Hara, John Southworth, Hawskley Workman, Feist, and more, all arranged for classical ensemble and voice.

Artist: Sarah Slean
Label: Pheromone Recordings
Release Date: 6/2/2009

[Listen to Black Flowers]

Track Listing:
Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
Black Flowers
I’ll Never Tear You Apart
To Cry About
Dandelion Wine
Eyes Are The Flowers
Dress Rehearsal Rag

[Pre-Order] Let’s hope this one isn’t as hard to get a hold of as her previous releases!
It does say that it will also be available digitally.

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