Scented CDs

So I got this press release the other day. What do you think? My first reaction was that it was really stupid, but who knows what people will buy nowadays.

CDDVD Now! now offers Rub ‘n’ Smell Discs with a variety of scents ranging from fresh fruits to coffee and perfumes!

CDDVD Now! offers “scented inks� for CD & DVD printed surface artwork, allowing music, video, marketing and advertising professionals the ability to take their upcoming disc marketing projects to the next level.

“Integrating scent into a CD or DVD increases consumer awareness of a particular product and stimulates purchase activity, attraction and retention by incorporating “smellâ€? into the marketing piece,â€? says Phil Peretz, President and Founder of CDDVD Now!. “Rub ‘n’ Smell disc printing increases the impact, recall, value, and effectiveness of any marketing effortâ€?.

The scented varnish is transparent and remains dormant until the printed surface is rubbed and it actually lasts for years in printed form. The smell dissipates after a few seconds but can be re-activated by rubbing the surface again (similar to a “scratch n sniff� sticker).

Imagine receiving a CD or DVD Disc in your favorite magazine from a coffee company that once opened, the user can rub the disc and then enjoy the smell or scent of the product being marketed! You can actually create a CD or DVD for a florist that actually smells like flowers!

The possibilities for this new product are endless and are truly cost effective compared to other scented marketing pieces and magazine inserts. A very extensive list of “stock� scents is available ranging from Scented Cotton to Buttered Popcorn to any client. For those clients needing something unique to their own product, custom scents can be created.


Gives a new meaning to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”…

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