Second baby for Sarah M!!!

Don’t ask me how I missed this. I guess I am out of the loop, but I didn’t even know she was pregnant!!! I’m very happy for her and I wish we could see some photos of her lovely girls.

It’s a girl again for Sarah McLachlan. The Canadian musician, singer and songwriter gave birth to her second child on June 22nd.

Her publicist confirmed the good news, saying the baby daughter was named Taa-Jah (pronounced tah-jah), which is the Hindi word for “crown.” “The family is overjoyed to welcome this newest edition to their family,” so said her Vancouver-based record label, Netterk Music Group adding that “Both mother and baby are happy and healthy.”

McLachlan and husband Ashwin Sood, who were married in Jamaica in 1997, already have a five-year-old daughter, India Ann Sushil Sood.

Note: I saw on another site a comment written by someone who said they are Indian and that Taja means “fresh” not crown, and that no one who is Indian would use it as a name. But whatever!

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