Single Review: Ghoulish by Poly Styrene

Song Name: Ghoulish
Artist: Poly Styrene
Year/Label: 2011 / Future Noise Music

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Review by Dave Adair

Digital tinkering and gruff, yet coasting femme vocals that are pitched somewhere in the void between Client and Sinead O’Connor, defiantly pushes out a message promoting boldness when acting upon feelings of attraction, ‘Ghoulish’. A twisting instrumental increases in profile, to give body to this electro-pop foray that shows up Poly Styrene’s ability to be catchy and earnest.

‘Hercules & Love Affair Remix’, accentuates the warming, yet strained vocals and gives a more ambient slant to the instrumentals, making the track more brooding and contemplative. There is enough here to raise interest in the ‘Generation Indigo’ album that this number is taken from.

Rating: 3.5/5

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