Single Review: Push It Away/Waste Of Time by Seerauber Jenny

Single Name: Push It Away/Waste Of Time
Artist: Seerauber Jenny
Year/Label: 2010 / Fandango

Review by David Adair
Stammering, cyclical indie is edged out with a deliberately reserved nervousness by Wiltshire’s Fran Barber, in the defiant in love, Push It Away. Don’t you just love dramatic effect in your tunes? Wandering percussion opens up the free spirited vibe that’s contrasted by feelings of being trapped by your thoughts. This broadly talented songstress uses stern vocals, in order to harness the roving instrumentals for an indie/Americana conjoining mild melee, as musical broadness and an empirical spirit starts to take over.

Barker’s more wistful side comes to the fore in the fuzzy key toed Waste Of Time, whereby the Bjork direction is leant into and a more sombre side is shown. Feelings of demoralisation and rejection are communicated without the artist falling through a self-pitying trapdoor. Barker prepares to take a shot back for the independent artist in an ever increasing age of “Reality Show” fame and, it really is quite a cutting shot at that!

Rating: 4/5

Track Listing
1. Push it Away
2. Waste of Time

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