SingleReview: Worship (Ft Jose Gonzales) by Ane Brun

Album Name: Worship
Artist: Ane Brun (Ft Jose Gonzales)
Year/Label: 2012 / Ais

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Review by David Adair

Slow stirring acoustic waves trickle into the sombre and stern vocals of Jose Gonzales, before the sauntering Scandinavian, Ane Brun supplies some brooding clarity, ‘Worship’. Chilling, chiming percussion punctuates this delving folk, gospel and low-key indie stirring sojourn. A poetic, lyrical edge makes the song mean something to those with a tender disposition:

“My heartbeats can be your silver lining; just listen to them.”

The ‘Henrik Schwarz Remix’, adds a fuzzy digital toe to contrast with the searching vocals. It gives a bit of a laboured lag to the number. Brun’s austere song-crafting is overshadowed a little by Gonzales’s presence. It is still apparent that she has depth and heart in abundance, though.

Rating: 3/5

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