Something to do TONIGHT (online)

Looking for something to do tonight in between playing games on Facebook, and watching (let’s be honest, listening to) Last Comic Standing?

Gregory Douglass, singer-songwriter and all around great guy is doing a series of House Concerts every Monday night and they’re webcast! It’s one great way to get folks interested in the new record he’s putting out. His last release Battler was largely financed by fans and friends and he’s going that route once again on his new one.

Having had the pleasure of hosting Gregory numerous times in my home for house concerts I can attest that he puts on a wonderful show full of funny stories and beautiful emotional songs.

So head on over to Justin TV tonight and watch. It’s on 9pm Eastern Time. (8 Central (US, please don’t make me do math to figure out when you in the UK can see it, but I believe it’s 6 hours later). [GO HERE] to participate.

Here’s one from last week (I’m having trouble getting this to embed, so if you can’t see it go to [here] and you can see it there.

UPDATE: I’m on right now, listening and this is so darn cool. People are requesting songs and he’s playing them along with Mo on cello. I was able to give a donation and say hi an chat and all. You guys have got to tune in next week!!!

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