Spotlight on: Frances Mai-Ling

Frances Mai-Ling

Frances Mai-Ling has the ability to create hauntingly beautiful and vibrantly wonderful music. Each piece has a true life of it’s own and envelops the listener completely. It is a fabulous amalgamation of flavors owing to Mai-Ling’s great versatility.” Lorissa S., All Things Girl

A classically trained pianist, her music is a mix of classical, ethereal, eclectic and new age with a twist of rock & pop added in. Often being comapred to the likes of Blonde Redhead, The Residents, early Brian Eno, old Tori Amos, Billy Joel, Kate Bush and Amiee Mann . . . yet defining a style all her own. As one listener wrote, “A musical sound like none other that I have heard before. You must hear her music for yourself.”

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Chronology (2006)
Favorites (2005)
Colors of the Sea (2005)
Best Kept Secret (2003)
No Passing Zone (2002)
Sample This and MP3 sampler (2002)
Awakening (2002)
Universoul Woman Vol. 2 (2002)
Ragtime Girl (2001)
Tempest: Origianl Music Score (2001)
Universoul Woman Vol. 1 (2001)
oneandahalf (2000)
4 Mozart Sonatas (1991)

FRANCES MAI-LING: chronology.
Chronology (2006)
Favorites (2005)
FRANCES MAI-LING: Colors of the Sea
Colors of the Sea (2005)
FRANCES MAI-LING: Best Kept Secret
Best Kept Secret (2003)

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