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Gabrielle Angelique

Gabrielle was born into a loving caring family. They did not have a lot of money and so they scrimped and saved in order to send her to the best private schools they could find.

Gabrielle had a rare interest in music. She began playing harp at age 6 and has been playing ever since. She often found herself in trouble during lessons for not practicing the sheet music because so often she wanted to create a different arrangement of the song or write her own. The practicing paid off and to Gabrielle’s good fortune; she was able to study under master instructors of many different genres of music, which eventually inspired her to bend the boundaries of music.

Gabrielle and her husband now tour the country 200 days a year selling Gabrielle’s music and their handmade jewelry at fine art shows across the United States. Traveling to different cities and discovering the eclectic flavors of each place has inspired Gabrielle’s music in many ways. For example, With her latest album ‘Dance With the Stars’ she was thoroughly pleased to find people of all ages and walks of life also shared her passion and excitement for fairytale worlds.

Gabrielle’s latest ambition is to travel the world and incorporate her findings into a new otherworldly sound, as a traveler would tell campfire tales.

Gabrielle’s advice to aspiring musicians is “Never forget the unlimited potential within you. Follow your heart and your dreams become your reality.”

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