Spotlight on: Sarah Harmer

Sarah Harmer

Sarah Harmer is the youngest of six children born to farmer Clem Harmer and his school teacher wife, Isabelle. She grew up on a hundred-acre farm near Hamilton, Ontario.

Sarah’s first solo performance was at church at the age of four.

After a stint with country-rockers the Saddletramps, Sarah formed her own band, Weeping Tile, while at college in Kingston, Ontario. The group recorded three albums before Sarah recorded a collection of country and jazz favorites to give to her father for Christmas. The resulting “Songs for Clem” kick-started her solo career, and led to “You Were Here”

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While she was with Weeping Tile.
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With Weeping Tile:
Valentino (1997)
Cold Snap (1995)
eepee (1994)


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