strangest package so far…

Well, I believe I have received the strangest submission package in my five years of doing this…here is what it contained:

Sinead O’Conner: Collaborations (not so weird)- this is actually a CD of her doing duets with others. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and it’s not on Amazon. Can’t wait to hear it.

Monster In Law Soundtrack (also not weird, it’s filled with really good female artists)
then (here’s where it get’s weird…)
Culture Club’s Greatest hits CD and DVD (which does not play in my computer and is not found on Amazon either)

Power Station CD and DVD. Power Station…yep, that Power Station, the one with Robert Palmer and the boys from Duran Duran, yeah, that one. WTF?

Oh well, never complained about free music. Well, yes I have, but it has to be really really bad.

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