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Got a newsletter from Terami Hirsch the other day and she’s got some fun stuff going on.

She started this project on YouTube where she encouraged folks to record her performances and then post the videos (Yes, I really need to get on this…I recorded the whole show, but it’s a bazillion gigs and I need to figure out how to split it up in smaller chunks. Anyone want to volunteer to edit?)

So you can see the results (so far) [here]

She’s also encouraged folks to put up photos of the performances on a [special Flickr account] (this I did do!)

Terami is also featured on a wonderful compilation CD I mentioned awhile back called Hope: Volume One. It’s proceeds benefit SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education). Other artists who are also featured include Lisa Loeb, Charlotte Martin, Ken Andrews, and Joanne Cash, among others.

To support this cause, please visit:

[Buy the CD]


Terami is holding a contest to win hand-written lyrics to one of her songs.
In her words, “If you win,you select your favorite song and I’ll write the lyrics especially for
you. To be eligible, please join “Team Terami” and help me spread the
word about my music. You can read details about this contest by
logging in to your existing Terami.com message board account to read
the private team members’ forum, or read the team faq for more
information about “Team Terami”. Contest ends July 30, 2008.”

(you MUST be logged in, in order to read the private Team board)


This part is very exciting!!!!

For some time now, Terami has been working on a side project called Story of My Ghost. She’s set up a [MySpace page] for it, go listen!

An EP is due out this fall and I, for one, am really looking forward to it. It’s sort of an electronic, ambient, experimental dealio which is wonderfully cool.

For this and all info check:[http://www.terami.com/]

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