The Mystery of Cinnamon Toast

I’m asking for some help here.

I was going through my music collection and found an MP3 that I downloaded at one point, but I don’t know the artist and I no longer remember where I got it.

The file is called Cinnamon Toast. It’s a woman singing and she actually sounds a lot like the singer of Two Loons for Tea. In fact, it does sound a bit like them. But after a brief stop on their site I could not find a song called Cinnamon Toast.

I am posting the MP3 here just for a short time so you can listen to it and help me figure this one out. It’s not my song to give away, so it would be great if you listened instead of downloaded, but I know that isn’t something I can control. 🙂

[Give it a listen] and post your guess in the comments. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a great song and I’d like to get more from this artist…whomever she is!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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