Two New

I was browsing Facebook today and saw that one of my friends and fellow women in music sites, [Wears the Trousers] was featuring an artist and the accompanying photo looked familiar. I did a double take and realized why.

The artist that they were featuring is Pearl and the Puppets and her album Make Me Smile.

The artist I thought it was when I looked briefly is Meaghan Smith and her album, The Cricket’s Orchestra.

See what I mean?

So what about the music? Well, Pearl (Katie Sutherland) is more poppy-catchy current sounding where Meaghan is a little more old timey (also very poppy and wonderful).

See for yourselves:

[Meaghan’s videos] are not embeddable so you’ll have to do a little more work to see her (why do companies do that?)

Here’s one that just audio:

More Info:
[Pearl and the Puppets]
[Meaghan Smith and the Cricket Orchestra]

[Meaghan’s The Cricket’s Orchestra]
[Pearl and the Puppets] (not out yet in US)

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