What’s new pussycat?

Alright y’all (I’m not even southern, where does that come from?)

We had a little shindig at our house last weekend so I’ve been kind of lax in posting. First it was because of all the party prep I was busy with, then because of recovery. I think I’m OK now. But I did stay up until 7am singing karaoke. [“Hold on for one more day”]

I haven’t written any new reviews so I’ll just mention some things going on.

Check out the brand new show “ZENTERTAINMENT TALK RADIO” with Jo Davidson! Jo’s been a long time friend of Collected Sounds. We love her! So this is pretty exciting.

In Jo’s words:

“This is a weekly podcast which you can subscribe to FREE and listen to right from your computer. This is a place to discover what IS possible. Many of you who know me, know that I have had some extreme challenges these past several years. Zentertainment Talk Radio is a place to keep hope alive and hear from others who have survived their own adversity and come out to the other side. It’s also a place to hear some great music, have fun, breathe, and connect”


Circe Link has a new vid on YouTube:

[Watch here]

Like what you see (she’s great, huh?). Check out the reviews and listen to more:

[More Songs]

[One Drop of Poison]

More news as it comes in.


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