“Workee workee busy busy…”

“…I’m a busy bee” (I love that commercial…anyone know it?)

So I know I’ve been severely lacking in posting. Thank goodness Anna Maria is reviewing stuff so diligently. But I have a good excuse. I’ve been working on some new things for Collected Sounds.

Oh yeah, and also been working full time at my “real” job.

So without further ado…

I joined Facebook, which I mentioned previously, but I’ve also created a group there, as well as a page (so you can be a fan 🙂 )

[Facebook page]

[Facebook group]

And the best part! I’ve got one more social network for you to keep up with…or is that ‘One more social network up with which to keep’?

Anyway, today I learned about this new site that allows a group/person/rock star/what not to create their own network like Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, etc but it’s centered around Collected Sounds. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping we can add videos, photos, forums, run contests and so on. Could be fun, huh?

[So come visit and join us!]

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