Yael Naim


Like everyone else, I had heard the Mac Air Commercial and said to myself, ‘who is that amazing voice?’ but due to my ever increasing ADD I forgot all about it approximately 9 seconds after the commercial was over. Probably got distracted by something sparkly.

Anyway, a few days ago a friend sent me a text message asking if I knew Yael Naim. (sometimes my friends think that because I do this, that I personally know every musician). I said that I did not. She told me she’s the voice from the commercial and that I should check her out.

So today I looked her up. She seems very interesting and has a lovely voice. She’s Israeli and French. The first song I listened to on her site was sung in French and just gorgeous. This gives me even more inspiration to complete my New Year’s resolution which is to learn French.

Here’s her [Official Site]
Her [MySpace]
[Buy the album]


PS: this time I did a search on the site to make sure someone didn’t already review her 🙂

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