Year End Boy Round Up: Part Three

Another World by Tim Arnold

[his site]
This is the latest from the prolific Tim Arnold. At least as of this writing it is his latest. Though by the time I get it posted he may have another one out. This is one of six he has released in under two years!

He has a soft comforting voice. He reminds me a little of Damian Rice. I also hear shades of Gregory Douglass, especially on title track, Another World.

These songs are well written with great instrumentation and some lovely string arrangements (done by Arnold himself).

Four Shades of Green by Adam Hill
This immediately reminded me of Billy Bragg…but without the accent…and without the socialist angle…and more country…ok really not similar at all. It’s the production that is similar to the first Bragg CD I ever got, Back to Basics. They’re both sort of low fi, semi tinny, but create a great feeling.

His submission came with a cute note about how he’s sure I don’t really need any more music, but he thought he’d send it along anyway. I’m glad he did. I likey.

Arms Around the River by Krister Axel
I already like an album that has a song called Impeach Bush.

These songs were written around the time of the London Terrorist attack in 2005. He was there are saw how it affected the people living in and around.

Axel has a sort of slow, drawly vocal style. His voice is very infectious. I could listen to it all day. The songwriting is bluesy, with lots of rhythm and heartfelt lyrics. Good stuff.

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