Podcast :: Chapter 4 The Dead Smile (finale)

The Dead Smilechapter 4 is up today!

bare tree against brown sky

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No More RSS, emails

Hi there,

Google announced that once again, they are discontinuing a valuable resource. Thanks, Google.

If you normally get an email from this site alerting you of a new post, it’s because you signed up through my RSS Feed, via Google. As of July, this will stop. So you will no longer receive these emails.

The alternative is for me to create my own mailing list, set up an account with Mailchimp, and then manually send you all emails when I update the site. Again, thanks, Google.

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NEW Series :: The Dead Smile by F. Marion Crawford

Hi all

Just wanted to let you know that while I am doing research for another podcast series, I thought I’d drop a quick and easy (haha*) one on you.


night pic of a tree against a blue sky

I actually took this pic in my backyard just before a storm broke.

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*I thought just reading a story would be easy. But I should have learned my lesson with my first one, A Haunted House. I recorded chapter 1 4 times, and then editing in the theme song, background instruments, etc took DAYS! But I’m getting better at it, and it shouldn’t take so long in the future.


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Podcast Rec :: Between Two Bald Girls

I apologize for the recent absence. I have been posting on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) but haven’t had anything really, to share with you that can’t be said in a couple of sentences. So I have been letting the blog go. 


Another reason for my absence is that I’ve been busy! In a pandemic? Yes! I’m taking a ton of classes on Coursera (Social Psychology, Anti-Racism, Brain Help, Sleep Neurobiology, and more), and also I have a new project that I don’t want to say anything about yet. But let’s just say, it is taking up a lot of my time doing the research for it. I’m currently slogging through about 100 New York Times articles and creating a timeline…One more hint…it’s not at all music-related.


But…today I learned that the band Overcoats (who I featured a while back) have started a podcast! It’s called Between Two Bald Girls. The hosts, Hanna Elion and JJ Mitchell are not only talented musical artists, but they’re comedians! 

They describe it as “2 Dope Queens” meets “My Dad Wrote A Porno,” with a side of “Stuff Mom Never Told You.”


Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.


And if you’re still here, and you want me to keep this up let me know. Otherwise Collected Sounds will likely just turn into a social media presence.