A fun little guessing game

There is a CD that was sent to me last year called “Silver�. It’s by a band called Maggi, Pierce and EJ. I love it. I loved it then, and I still listen to it on a pretty regular basis. Without going into too much detail, and so as not to repeat myself, I’ll just point you toward my review: Click here

Anyway, there’s a song on it that is a hidden track, however on CD Baby they list it as “The Scarf Song�. It’s begins with a recording of a voice mail message that is a woman saying that she (machine owners mother) saw a TV show and there was a man on it and he was wearing the scarf that she (the daughter, Maggi) made for him. The mother is just out of her mind with pride and giddiness. She goes on and on about how adorable he is. How he’s “her kind of kid� Then the song’s lyrics are all about this scarf that was knitted and given to the man who then wore it on TV. Some of the lyrics are:

You’re playing with your buttons
You’re playing your piano
You’re playing with your boyfriends
I wish you were playing with me

Another thing that is strange, in the voicemail message right where you would expect the mother to say his name, instead she says “Nothing’s gonna change my world.� That threw me.

Well, I was determined to figure out who this man was. So I put on my detective hat and got on the www.

Any guesses who it is? If you have the record it will much easier as there are many clues.

I’ll give the answer and how I got it later on today…or tomorrow…depending on how long I want to keep the suspense.

mwaaahaaa haaaah

OK here’s what I had to go on:

The date of the show: Friday, February 22 (no year given, but if you have a calendar you can count backwards from this year, one day for each year).

The show he was on: Rosie O’Donnell Show (I had heard this song probably 100 times before I was able to make that out, but that day in the car it came out as clear as a bell)

He wears a scarf, plays piano, and is gay. This alone should have given it away and now that I know who it is, it’s pretty damn obvious.

I double checked my guess by looking up “Nothing’s gonna change my world” and got t THIS

On this page I found out who was on Rosie that day:

Friday, February 22

Jamie Foxx

Caroline Rhea goes to the Olympics

Rufus Wainwright performs

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