Album Review: Adonis..and Other Romantic Delusions by Laura Diamond

Album Name: Adonis..and Other Romantic Delusions
Artist: Laura Diamond
Year/Label: 1999 / 3 Wishes Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Laura Diamond’s debut album is a very strong collection of reflective songs about the nature of love. Diamond has a powerful voice that blends in with her dynamic piano playing to great effect.

The wistful “Slumber of Winter” stands out as does the breakup song “Goodbye Sweet Prince”.

Diamond displays a wry sense of humour throughout that enlivens the songs.

Fans of intelligent pop music should check her out.

Posted on August 19, 2001

Track Listing
1. Adonis
2. Slumber Of Winter
3. Can I Be You
4. Crush
5. Some Days I Don’t
6. Stupid
7. Goodbye Sweet Prince
8. Ocean
9. Alone & Standing
10. When Will I Find Love
11. Halfway To Never

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