Album Review: Age of Solo by Lettie

Album Name: Age of Solo
Artist: Lettie
Year/Label: 2008 / Outerworld Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Lettie records electropop in an interesting vein and her voice is sweet and supple. She has clever and catchy songs on this debut.

“My Name Is” is reminiscent of Lily Allen in a good way, and it has an airy atmosphere all its own.

“Eternity” is a very neat song, Lettie rapidly half-speaking, half singing her words to a soft backdrop.

“Cold” has a shade of Björk’s more normal moments, all girlish vocals and instantly engaging melody.

“Criminal” essays a more deadpan-voiced strut, even as it piles on a catchy chorus.

Lettie’s record is highly pleasing.

Track Listing
1. Hero
2. My Name Is
3. Future Retro
4. Atmosphere
5. Eternity
6. Mission
7. Future
8. Cold
9. All You Want
10. Criminal
11. What You Get
12. Goodbye

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