Album Review: And Then There Is By Amy Regan

Album Name: And Then There Is
Artist: Amy Regan
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Amy Regan has been classically trained vocally since age 11 and taught herself piano too. Her style might be described as a sort of light rock with a bluesy edge. But there’s also a jazzy aspect on some songs too, like Nighttime Bird.

So in Love is a good track. It has an interesting melody and she makes good use of the crescendo and decrescendo, which I always love.

I really like Carry On, it’s stopped me a few times while I’ve had this in rotation. I think my player really likes this one too since it plays it more than any of her others. It’s a toe-tapper.

Her voice is pure and clear and lovely to listen to. It especially stands out on the title track.

It’s a short CD (or a longish EP) but it’s filled with some really good stuff.

Track Listing
1 Everybody Needs Somewhere to Go
2 So in Love
3 Carry On
4 Some Kind of Blues
5 Nighttime Bird
6 And Then There Is This

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