Album Review: Anonyma by Aileen Paron


Album Name: Anonyma
Artist: Aileen Paron
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I knew I’d like Aileen Paron when I saw the artwork. I don’t know why, but those colors and that style really appeal to me. I’m glad that the music inside matches what I hoped to hear inside.

I like her piano playing and her songwriting. I have a hard time with Persephone because she goes flat in the chorus and then that sticks in my head. It is a difficult song, vocally. The fact that she doesn’t seem to have trouble staying in tune for other songs leads me to believe that it’s intentional.

Skyscrapers reminds me of Rachael Sage a little.

Am I Getting Through? has a Fiona Apple feel, with that kind of marchy cadence to the vocal line. But where Fiona’s voice is deep and soulful, Aileen’s is more light and jazzy.

The piano melody (and fill) on As Long As Grass Grows is great. The extra string instrumentation is lovely as well.

I feel like this is a great start, but that there’s a little room to grow. I suppose we all have that right?

Track Listing
1. Killer Bees
2. Persephone
3. Skyscrapers
4. Sleeping Dogs
5. Am I Getting Through?
6. Tidal
7. Western
8. As Long As Grass Grows

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