Album Review: Are You Listening Now by Sarah VonderHaar

Album Name: Are You Listening Now by

Artist: Sarah VonderHaar

Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

Sarah VonderHaar was featured on America’s Next Top Model…but don’t let that affect your opinion of her music. There’s always the danger of an entertainer treading where they don’t belong. We all know of some actors who should not be singing (and no, I am not talking about Scarlett, I adore her) and vice versa.

I didn’t see the TV show (shocking, I know, but I figure 5 hours of TV per day is enough for me, I simply can’t add another must-see show to my list) so I can’t say anything about her appearance there.

But I am quite enjoying the record. It’s not really, ideally, my favorite genre, being mainstream pop. But the songs are catchy and her voice is pretty good. It’s fun. Not Earth shattering, or life changing, but fun. Nothing wrong with that.

For example, ‘I Got Sunshine’ is a peppy, happy song complete with na-na-na-nas.

‘Over You’ is more of a pop song with a bit of a 70s feel and a strong rhythm.

I don’t know that I would sit down and listen to the whole thing in one go, but I look forward to songs from it showing up in my rotation.

Track Listing

1. All Mine
2. Over You
3. I Got Sunshine
4. Are You Listening Now
5. It’s Not the First Time
6. Sing Me To Sleep
7. Just Go
8. Let My Heart Fall
9. Everything I’ll Be

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